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Accessible Web Development Course

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Updated 1 Jan, 2009 In this page: Course announcement and detail, Participants' list Updat: 19 Jan, Privacy Policy,

Greeting from DANISHKADAH (an organization for empowerment of Persons with Disabilities)!

We are working for promotion of web / information accessibility since many years. In past we just tried to raise awareness for the importance of web / information accessibility. Now we are taking a step forward and offering accessible web development course for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and for those working for/with Disabled People Organizations.

Why we offering this course?

As we are expert in ICT we were receiving many requests of support in web development for individual PWDs and DPOs. We started a project "FREE web development and hosting for DPOs". But we discovered that some DPOs have web site developed by one or another project and after the end of that project they don't have anyone to update their website. Other DPOs paying huge fee to get their website developed, maintained and update, and when they don't have fund, their website closed, and they loss everything.

We realized that instead of supporting them by developing their websites, we better empower them with the knowledge of "Accessible Web Development". Because if we build them a website who will maintain and update their website in future? We cannot help them in updating their website, for life time.

The second reason is to raise an "army" with knowledge of Accessible Web Development. This is human resources development. We not only train PWDs but we also encourage them to share their learning with their peers in their DPOs, in there countries.

What we will teache?

Web developing become a very complex task, yet it is very simple and easy to develop a simple and accessible website. Our aim is to encourage PWDs and show them how easy to develop a simple website, and let they over come their fear of complexity of ICT.

In this course we will teach two main things

  1. Extensible / Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML / XHTML)
  2. Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  3. Web accessibility issues
  4. Localization (language)

How it'll benefit the participants, their DPOs and eventually whole community


As we said above just developing web site of DPOs is not a sustainable solution, as such project end sooner or later and most of (if not all) the development goes in drain. Empower the PWDs with knowledge of accessible web development will assure the sustainability and prove more beneficial for the DPOs and for the PWD him/herself. So they can keep their website sustainable, update it quickly and more often, with no or minimum extra cost.

Human resources development

Empowering with the knowledge of Web Development and management will certainly will bring PDOs more developed human resources. On other hand PWDs community will have more skilled persons not begging for job but competing at equal level in job market.

Someone said "giving someone a bread is good support, but buying him a axe to let he cut the wood and sale to earn his bread is much better and sustainable support"

We at DANISHKADAH always insist for education and skill development in PWDs community, to enable them to have equal opportunity in market. We do not support begging job on quota we believe competing for job on merit.

As this course is for beginner this course may not make participants very expert but it will open their eye and a door of opportunity for further development


We got training on Web Accessibility and web base networking form Asia Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD), Bangkok - Thailand. And now we are multiplying our learning from APCD, by sharing it with more than 90 people from more than 30 countries. We believe that as we multiple the learning by sharing, these 90 participants will share their learning with their peers in their PDOs and community, to multiple the learning manifold.

As there are many Persons with Disabilities who would like to join this course but cannot because of language barrier (they can't understand English well), we hope that the participants of this course will start similar course in their own language so those who cannot learn it in English can learn it in their own language in future.

Promotion of Web Accessibility

Having more trained people with awareness of web accessibility issues, will eventually raise the awareness or web accessibility and will bring more and more accessible web site.

Networking of DPOs and online socialization of PWDs

More people with DPOs know and utilize the web technologies more possible to develop web base network of DPOs. Moreover it'll give more opportunities to PWDs to socialize peers at national and international level that will help in self help and learning from one another experience.

In short this initiative of DANISHKADAH will give a new trend in disability movement and will bring a huge change in future. We will keep empowering PWDs with more ICT course online.

Shall anyone like to join our hands for these empowerment projects, contact us at info @ danishkadah.org.pk



There is no prerequisite, but participant should be able to;

Note: This course is for novice user it will be very simple and 100% practical course. So do not hesitate to give it a try even if you are not feels confident with computer software.

Course Duration:

We will send you lesson twice a week, every Friday and Monday. As this is our first batch we estimate that course will complete in 16-24 classes.

You'll receive lesson and assessment by email so you don't have to come online at particular time. However if possible we may announce extra support at msn messenger at particular time.


There is no fee for the course, but we request that only serious people who really want to learn and then support their DPOs and themselves, register for the course.


Registration Closed!


Registration dead line passed on 15th October, 2008. Wait for next announcement for Registration for Next batch.

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Batch 1 Participants' List Updated Oct. 23rd

S.# Particiapnts Name Organization Disability type Country Missing Information Registration Status
01 Ambrose Murangira Uganda National Association of the Deaf Deaf Uganda Complete Approved
02 Anthea Botes Deaf Federation Of South Africa None South Africa Complete Approved
03 Aris Yohanes Elean Biro Tunanetra Laetitia Foundation Visual Indonesia Complete Approved
04 Awoii Patrick Micheal (Interpreter for the Deaf) Uganda National Association of the Deaf None Uganda Complete Approved
05 Bavani Ramayah University of Nottingham,malaysia campus Visual Malaysia Canclled Cancelled
06 Bhavesh Dhanak None Visual UAE Complete Approved
07 Camara Mohamed Federation Guineenne pour la promotion des Associations de et pour des personnes Handicapees (FEGUIPAH) - Rep Guinee Disability, Language? Pending
08 Cho Suet Sen (for Yip Foo Shearn*) committee member of the Dyslexia Association of Malaysia dyslexic* Malaysia Complete Approved
09 Christine Ng Lai Agape Services for the Blind Visual Malaysia Complete Approved
10 Cretus Kapato National Vocational Rehabilitation Center Physical Zambia Complete Approved
11 Dernita binti Muhammed Society of the Orthopaedically Handicapped Malaysia (Persatuan Orang-Orang Cacat Anggota Malaysia) Physical Malaysia Complete Approved
12 Diane Bell Cape Peninsula University of Technology None South Africa Complete Approved
13 Dickson Vershima Tarnongo Joint National Association Of Persons With Disabilities (JONAPWD) Physical Nigeria Complete Approved
14 Duong Phuong Hanh Disability Resource And Development (DRD) HOH Vietnam Complete Approved
15 Fatuma Kadimala Acan Mobility Appliances By Disabled Women Ent. Physical Uganda photo? Approved
16 Gareth Alexander Sense Scotland - United Kingdom disability, photo Pending
17 Gerard Kanapathipillai Leonard Cheshire Disability none Sri Lanka Complete Approved
18 Godwin Irokaba School for Handicapped Children, PH Deaf Nigeria Complete Approved
19 Hamad Lubwama Uganda National Action on Physical Disability None Uganda Complete Approved
20 Hiljmnijeta Apuk NGO Little People of Kosovo None Kosovo - UNMIK Complete Approved
21 Honoré Somda Handicap Solidaire Burkina Physical Burkina Faso Complete Approved
22 Ibraam Wahib Younan None Visual Egypt Complete Approved
23 Indra Oyunbaatar Mongolian National Federation of Disabled None Mongolia Complete Approved
24 Irina Ivanova NGO "Raduga" of hoh and deaf HOH Russia Complete Approved
25 Jaikodi Mobility India Physical India Complete Approved
26 JAY KUMAR . V Mobility India None India disability? Approved
27 Jeanne Griffin Deaf Friends International (DFI) none USA - OH Complete Approved
28 Joseph Tristan Marayag none Visual Philippines Complete Approved
29 K.P. Srikanth Commissioner and Director of Agriculture Andhra Pradesh Visual India Complete Approved
30 Katrina Locsin Student HOH Philippines Complete Approved
31 Kimsorn Sa Cambodian Youth Development Center Physical Cambodia Complete Approved
32 Kurniati Nia The front of volunteer for Disabled Persons none Indonesia Complete Approved
33 Laurent Cadet de Fontenay None Visual United Kingdom Complete Approved
34 Lee An Nah Spastic Association Of Penang - Malaysia Disability? Approved
35 Lim Seok Ean (Anne) Society of Disabled Persons Penang (SDPP) Physical * Malaysia Complete Approved
36 Lise Bien Aime American diabetes organization, Deaf Haitian Deaf Hati - USA ML Photo ? Approved
37 Looi Yuong Chiat Persatuan Mobiliti Selangor & K.L. Visual Malaysia Complete Approved
38 Maria Gilda L. Quintua M.G.L.Q. Deaf Tour Assistance, Philippines Deaf Philippines Complete Approved
39 Martha Geiger Freelance Physical South Africa Complete Approved
40 Martin Novak Czech Union of the Deaf HOH Czech Republic Complete Approved
41 Mary Chen Challenges Mag low vision Malaysia Complete Approved
42 Md. Mahbubul Ashraf Association for the Welfare of the Disabled People (AWDP) Physical Bangladesh Complete Approved
43 Md. Sharafat Ali Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) HOH Bangladesh Complete Approved
44 Melinda Cheah VOH Special Children Centre (volunteer) Physicl Malaysia Complete Approved
45 Meshack Mndawe OSDP ?? - South Africa Org, Disability, Photo? Pending
46 Mildred Adhiambo Omino Member Of Women Challenged To Challenge Physical Kenya Complete Approved
47 Mohammad Golam NABI Association for the Welfare of the Disabled People (AWDP) None Bangladesh Complete Approved
48 Mohammad Ishaque Mia Bangladeshh Protibandhi Kallyan Somity (BPKS) HOH Bangladesh Complete Approved
49 Moruthanyana Marisane Edward University Of Limpopo-Turfloop Campus - South Africa Disability, Photo Pending
50 Muhammad Shabbir Awan Member Pakistan Foundation Fighting for Blindness (PFFB) and Pakistan Association for Blind (PAB) Visual Pakistan Canclled Dropped
51 Mukesh Jain NTPC LIMITED, KORBA Visual India Complete Approved
52 Musa Ansumana Soko Youth Partnership For Peace And Development - Sierra Leone Disability Approved
53 Namakula Cissy Epilepsy Support Association Uganda (Esau) - Uganda Complete Approved
54 Noralizulrainee Ali Yusop Special Education Unit, Ministry Of Education Visual Negara Brunei Complete Approved
55 Oidov Vaanchig Foundation for Wheelchair Assistance Physical Mongolia Complete Approved
56 Opeoluwa Sotonwa Student (Howard University) - USA - DC Disability, Photo Pending
57 Osca Sibede University Of Limpopo - Disabled Student Unit - South Africa Disabiltiy, Photo Pending
58 Pearl Gottschalk International Foundation for Disabled Orphans Sierra Leone None Canada Complete Approved
59 Peter Osano Genga Kenya National Deaf Association Deaf Kenya Complete Approved
60 Pham Hai Yen NGO Resource Center - Vietnam Disabilty, Photo, Expectation?? Pending
61 Phan Nguyen Huong Trinh Face Asia Limit Company HOH Viet Nam Complete Approved
62 Philip Maher Habib (PAVI) parent association for visually impaired Visual Egypt Complete Approved
63 Professor D.P.M. Weerakkody University of Peradeniya Visual Sri Lanka Complete Approved
64 R. Prasanna Kumar Lakshmi Electronic Designs Visual India Complete Approved
65 Rabia Haji Siddiq Ida Riue School for Deaf and Blind none Pakistan Complete Approved
66 Robert Sampana Deaf Association. Nr Tamale Ghana Deaf Ghana Complete Approved
67 Sabondo Solomon Disability Awareness Action Group (DAAG) Deaf Sierra Leone Complete Approved
68 Salman Khalid Organization for the visually impaired community, (OVIC) Visual Pakistan Photo Approved
69 Sarah Rose Ref: ALDA Inc. LD USA - CA Complete Approved
70 Sathiyaprakash, T. R. Student - University of Texas at Austin U.S.A Visual India Complete Approved
71 Shazia Hasan Ida Riue School for Deaf and Blind Visual Pakistan Complete Approved
72 Silvia Fajardo-Flores University of Colima, Mexico none Mexico Complete Approved
73 SS Sikhosana Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication None South Africa Complete Approved
74 Stephanie Townsend Student Deaf United Kingdom Complete Approved
75 Steven Lahai Mansaray Western Area Eye Care Project None Sierra Leone Disability Approved
76 Susan Kagwiria Kirima Deaf Women Initiative Network Deaf Kenya Complete Approved
77 Tambo CAMARA PAFOD (Panafrican Federation of Disabled) - Mauritania - -
78 Tania none Blind & partially deaf Malaysia Complete Approved
79 Thara Marie Sakhrani Santiago Autism Society Laguna, Philippines Autistic Philippines Photo Approved
80 vashkar Bhattacharjee Young Power in Social Action(YPSA) Visual Bangladesh Complete Approved
81 Vedprakash Sharma Bharatiya Netraheen Kalyan Parishad visual India Complete Approved
82 Victor John A Javier Phlippines Network Daisy Consorsium Inc. (PNDCI) Visual Philippines Complete Approved
83 Vinita Saraf None Visual India Complete Approved
84 Wong Kean Fatt (Allan) None Visual Malaysia Photo Approved
85 Wong Yoon Kiong (Ricky) Former member of the Society of the Blind, Malaysia (SBM) Visual Malaysia Complete Approved
86 Yap Kim Soon Member PERWIRA K9 Malaysia Physical Malaysia Complete Approved
87 Yeoh Kok Soon None Visual Malaysia Complete Approved
88 Yii Ong Hui Association For Children With Special Needs - Malaysia Disability Approved
89 Zoénabou Savadogo Tigoung Nonma - The Cooperative Of Disabled Artisans Physical Burkina Faso Complete Approved
90 Zohra Moosa Member Of KZN Blind And Deaf Society Deaf South Africa Complete Approved
91 Jolly Kowser Social Assistance and Rehabilitation for Physically Vulneratbe, SARPV Visual - LB Bangladesh Complete Approved
92 Maheshwar Ghimire Nepal Disabled Human Rights Center Physical Nepal Complete Approved
93 Tuya MNFDPO HOH Mongolia Complete Approved

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Privacy policy

Please note that all of your information (including Photo, any ID, and contact info) will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone. Except country, name, organization (if any) and disability type (if any), in the participants list. This participants list will be published here at this page. In case you don't want to mention your disability in participants list you can inform us and we will take care of it. But we must need to know your disability type (if any) so we can support you properly during the course.

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